YEMEN Press Agency

Report: Army inflicts Saudi troops heavy losses over 24 hours


SANAA, June 8 (YPA) – The Yemen army has launched large-scale military operation , which inflicted the Saudi troops heavy losses during the past 24 hours, according to military reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Friday.


·        In border province of Jizan:

Artillery shells were fired toward Saudi soldiers’ gatherings in Amod and Khubah.

Zilzal-2 missile and artillery shells targeted Saudi-backed militias in Dud site, killing and wounding dozens.

·        In Asir border province:

Two militias were shot dead in front of Alb border crossing.


  • In Yemen’s Jawf province:

The army carried out a large-scale offensive operation on militias’ sites in Mezuia front of Mutun district, controlling the front.

The army killed and injured dozens of the militias, including leaders, during the operation in Mezuia, burning all militias’ weapon stores.

An infiltration of the militias toward Sabrain and Khalifain front was repelled, and 13 military vehicles were destroyed, killing and wounding dozens of the militias.

The army launched an unique offensive on militias’ sites in Mahamisha front of Khub-washaaf district, destroying five military vehicles with guided missiles.

Dozens of militias were killed and injured during repelling their advance in Taibt-Esm area.

A militias’ weapon store was burned in the east of Mutun district.

·        In Taiz province:

Two explosive devices were bombed, killing and wounding dozens in Wazaiah front.

The army repelled two advances of the militias toward Tabisha and Aynain areas of Habashi mount, killing and wounding dozens.

·        In lahj province:

Artillery force of the army shelled gatherings of militias and their military vehicle in Shuraija front of Karsh front, killing and wounding many and destroying vehicles.


·        In Yemen’s Western coast:

The Yemen army repelled an infiltration of militias and invaders toward the east of Hais, killing and wounding many.