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Tunisian security arrests suspect who planned to assassinate country’s president

SANAA, Aug. 23 (YPA) – Tunisian security forces arrested a suspect who was preparing an assassination operation targeting the country’s president, Kais Saied.

The Tunisian newspaper, Al-Shorouk, revealed, according to identical sources, that “a person who is called lone wolves or the so-called launch of the lone initiative, was preparing for this assassination, and according to security investigations, the plot to target President Saied would be carried out during his visit to one of the coastal cities.”


Last Friday, the Tunisian president revealed that there were attempts to assassinate him, describing them as “desperate.”


Saied stressed that he “will continue to follow the same approach within the framework of the law that allows measures to be taken,” stressing that exceptional measures must be taken against those who “come from abroad with false identities.”


The Tunisian Judicial Council had arrested Beltayeb Rashid, the first president of the Court of Cassation, and indicated that his file had been referred to the Public Prosecution.


The former head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, Shawki al-Tabib, said that the security authorities placed him under house arrest, hours after the police evacuated the commission’s headquarters.


President Saied also relieved the Secretary-General of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, Anwar bin Hassan, of his duties.


The Ennahda movement had denounced the conspiracies that threaten the security of Tunisia and the personal security of the President of the Republic.


In a statement, the movement called on the state’s security and judicial agencies to “investigate the matter to reveal those involved,” warning against “internal and external plots that are working to drag the country into instability.”


The movement’s statement indicated that “the unconstitutional decisions and measures announced on July 25, and beyond, remain exceptional,” noting that “these decisions require the cooperation of all in order to overcome them.”

The Ennahda movement had announced earlier that the movement’s executive office had met and discussed the “dangerous repercussions” of the exceptional measures taken by the country’s president “and their negative impact, politically and economically, on Tunisia’s standing and its democratic experience.”

In another context, Tunisian security forces arrested Lotfi Ali, a member of parliament from the Long Live Tunisia bloc, along with his wife, on charges of “money laundering and illicit enrichment.”

Tunisian Guard spokesman Hossam El-Din El-Jabali told the Turkish “Anatolia Agency”, that “the arrest came with the approval of the Public Prosecution at the economic and financial judicial pole in the Court of First Instance.”


The Tunisian president announced that the composition of the new government will be announced during the next few days, noting that “the state continues, its public facilities are continuing, and there are patriots who are working hard within the administration.”