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Reuters: Saudi Arabia has demobilized hundreds of Yemeni academics from its soil

SANAA, Aug. 17 (YPA) – Hundreds of workers from Yemen in the southern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been informed in the past few weeks that it has been decided to lay off them, “Reuters” news agency reported on Tuesday, quoting Yemenis in Saudi Arabia.

In a report it published today, the agency referred to several cases in which Yemenis working in the medical field, academics and others in the southern region of the Kingdom were dispensed with.

The exact number of the dispensed is not known, but the agency indicated that they are in the hundreds.

Officials in Saudi institutions said that they did not receive any justification for government orders not to renew the contracts of Yemenis.

No official explanation was issued, and the Saudi and Yemeni authorities did not respond to Reuters’ requests for comment.

Yemeni sources stated that they do not know the reason for this and that they are not ready to present any hypotheses.

A Saudi analyst said that the move aims to provide job opportunities for citizens in the south as part of efforts to address the problem of unemployment in Saudi Arabia, which reached 11.7 percent, and that the move is also motivated by security considerations in areas close to the war.