YEMEN Press Agency

Protesters in Abyan demand departure of coalition, Hadi’s govt from south

ABYAN, Jul. 30 (YPA) – Dozens of citizens demonstrated on Friday in Zenjbar city of Abyan province in southern Yemen, in protest against the crazy rise in food prices, demanding the departure of Hadi’s government and Saudi-led coalition from southern provinces.

The protesters chanted slogans against the government corruption and the economic war pursued by the coalition countries against the country, which led to the deterioration of the Yemeni riyal exchange rate against the foreign currencies.

The demonstrators accused the “Hadi government” of standing behind the worsening economic and living conditions to achieve political and military gains.

The protesters called on all the people of the southern provinces to demonstrate widely, in rejection of the policy of starvation and the war of services, demanding that the employees’ salaries to be paid and the economic situation to be addressed before the catastrophic collapse of the local currency.

The demonstrators held the “Hadi government” fully responsible for the economic deterioration that has affected the living situation of the citizen, announcing the continuation of protests in front of the government complex in the city on Monday of every week and marches every Friday.