YEMEN Press Agency

Zionist forces assault Palestinian captives in “Ashkelon” prison

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Jul. 28 (YPA) – The repressive forces of the Zionist occupation prisons administration stormed Tuesday the only section in which 37 captives are held in the “Ashkelon” prison, the Palestinian Prisoners Club said.

The news agency “Palestine Today” quoted the club as saying: “The repression forces abused the prisoners, destroyed their belongings, and assaulted one of the prisoners in the room No. 5.”

“The intrusion and search operation continued for 7 consecutive hours, during which all prisoners were tied up and taken out to Al-Fura Square, after being searched,” the club said.

The club added that the majority of prisoners held in Ashkelon prison are sick prisoners, including those who suffer from chronic and serious diseases, and in light of this, the prisoners returned their meals.

The club affirmed that the prisoner, Mohammed Nawara, from Ramallah, began a hunger strike 3 days ago, refusing to be held in solitary confinement in harsh and tragic conditions in the cells of Ashkelon prison, noting he has been detained since 2001, and he is sentenced to life imprisonment, and when he was arrested he was a minor.