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Ongoing detention of oil derivatives ships by coalition is crime against Yemeni people

SANAA, Jul. 27 (YPA) – The ongoing detention of oil derivatives ships by the Saudi-led coalition off Hodeida port is a crime against the Yemeni people and against all of humanity, as a result of the tragedies and repercussions targeting millions of citizens of Hodeida and in particular, and other provinces in general.

The catastrophic effect as a result of the lack of fuel, which is leading stopping main services in hospitals, health institutions, water-related works, transportation and transportation, and all work related to the presence of electric energy, contributes in increasing the suffering of the Yemeni citizens, in the light of the silence of the United Nations and international organizations towards the crime.

For its part, Ministry of Electricity in Sanaa has held the Oil Company and Human Rights of the aggression countries and their mercenaries responsible for the power outage and the detention of diesel fuel in Hodeida power station and the suffering of the sons of Tihama due to the heat-wave, calling for the entry of diesel ships for Hodeida electricity.

In fact, the oil ships seized by the aggression countries have completed all the examination and audit procedures through the investigation and the UN mission in Djibouti. This detention in itself violates the relevant formations of the United Nations and the international human rights conventions, in additional to the rules of international humanitarian law, the law of armed conflict and the essence and goals of the Sweden Agreement, which has stressed the need to facilitate the arrival of basic materials and humanitarian aid to the port of Hodeida to meet the needs of the Yemeni people.

For more than half a year, the UN licensed ships have been detained by the coalition , and the United Nations, the international community and all the organizations concerned with this matter do not move, which puts all human rights claimants to the test, considering that human rights organizations are indivisible in the whole world.

In Yemen, those rights made by the UN have been struck, and the duty of everyone who claims to belong to humanity ,to stand in defense of the rights of the Yemeni citizen and the its needs, to obtain the requirements of the safe life.