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Pakistan deploys military forces at its border with Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, Jul. 24 (YPA) – Pakistan has sent military forces to its border with Afghanistan to prevent any crossing of it by Afghan militants or military, “Dawn” newspaper of Pakistan reported on Saturday.

The newspaper quoted Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, as saying that the country’s authorities withdrew the border police, “Levies” (irregular) elements and other militias from front-line positions along the border with Afghanistan, where the Pakistani army began to administer those positions.

“Now the regular army forces are guarding the border instead of the paramilitary forces,” the minister said, adding that the decision was taken in response to the volatile situation on the Afghan side of the border.

Speaking to Dawn, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said the situation on the border required not only containing the flow of refugees from Afghanistan, but also preventing entry of Afghan army personnel and militants into the territory of Pakistan.

It is noteworthy that there are two main border crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan, namely Shaman in Balochistan, and Torkham in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, in addition to several small trading points.

Pakistan has fenced about 90% of the 2,640 kilometers border with Afghanistan, and security points have been established with it to effectively manage the border.