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Libyan PM: Internal dispute hinders elections

SANAA, Jun. 24 (YPA) – Libyan Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Dabaiba called on the international community to support his government’s efforts to organize elections in his country on time, warning that internal differences are still hindering the process.

Dabaiba announced, in a speech he delivered on Wednesday to the second Berlin conference on the Libyan settlement, that his government has begun preparing a comprehensive security plan to secure the elections and is awaiting the issuance of the election law to implement it, saying: “We are six months away from the elections, but narrow interests still affect, and the government’s budget has not been approved and has not been approved. Sovereign positions are yet to be chosen.”

The Prime Minister of the Interim National Unity Government stressed the importance of holding the general elections in his country on their scheduled date, i.e. December 24 next, warning at the same time that “the internal dispute and interests hinder the march to the next maturity.”

Al-Dabaiba pointed out that his government “did not see the necessary seriousness from the legislative bodies in the legal path,” and called on all Libyan parties to implement the constitutional rule and the election law as soon as possible and “stop tampering and working to disrupt the benefits to help the people,” stressing that national reconciliation “ A path, not a condition, but rather an address and a gateway to the political process.”

He addressed the participants in the Berlin conference by saying: “A united and healthy Libya is your best partner,” and urged them to support his government in its quest to hold the elections on time, while respecting the country’s sovereignty.