YEMEN Press Agency

Human Rights Office in Taiz condemns UN resolution on Ansarullah

TAIZ, Jun. 22 (YPA) – The Human Rights Office in Taiz province condemned on Tuesday the decision of the United Nations Secretary-General to include Ansarullah in the blacklist of violators of children’s rights in Yemen.

The Office said, in a statement, that “this irresponsible decision comes at a time when the Saudi-led coalition has been killing children, women and the elderly in Yemen every day for seven years, but the United Nations and the Security Council have not lifted a finger in response to those crimes.”

The statement called on the United Nations and all its affiliated bodies and organizations to fulfill their responsibility to protect children, safeguard their rights from violations, and condemn criminals and murderers instead of covering up their crimes.

In its statement, the Office held the United Nations responsible for the consequences of this decision, which will give the coalition a green light to continue committing grave violations against the children of Yemen, and makes UN officials accomplices in those crimes.