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Iran showcases its naval capabilities in Atlantic Ocean

SANAA, Jun. 10 (YPA) – ,The Iranian army announced on Thursday the arrival of a destroyer and a naval vessel belonging to it, for the first time, to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Assistant Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Army for Coordination Affairs, Rear Admiral Habibullah Sayyari, said that the modern destroyer “Sahand” and the ship “Makran” (a floating base) entered the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, without docking in any port.

He added: “The Iranian fleet number 77 has reached the waters of the Atlantic Ocean after traveling 12,000 km within 30 days, and it intends to continue sailing to the North Atlantic Ocean, and this does not conflict with international navigation laws,” according to the Iranian “Fars” agency.

Tehran is seeking to display the capabilities of its naval forces in international waters, considering that presence in international waters is a natural right for it, according to Sayyari.

American reports suggest that the two Iranian ships will reach the Atlantic Ocean, and head to Venezuela to transport a shipment of weapons to its government, especially after the company “Maxar Technologies” captured satellite images showing that one of the two ships was carrying seven fast attack boats.