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Political researcher: Islah Secret prisons in Taiz, Marib and Shabwa filled oppressed people

SANAA, Jun. 10 (YPA) – Yemeni political researcher Dr. Khaled al-Shammari said that Qatar-sponsored secret prisons in Taiz, Shabwah and Marib  provinces are filled with hundreds of citizens who have nothing to do with politics.


In a tweet, Khaled Al-Shammari tweeted: “The phenomenon of secret prisons sponsored by Qatar in Taiz, Shabwah and Marib is expanding through its tools from the Islah party, Yemeni Brach of Muslim Brotherhood. An outright violation of human rights.”

“These prisons are filled with every citizen who said no to the Muslim Brotherhood and also to the oppressed, who have nothing to do with politics, only to produce corruption and bullying, and this happens in Taiz in a big way,” he added.