YEMEN Press Agency

‘Islamic Jihad’: Occupation state is confused, resistance defends honor of Quds

GAZA, May 14 (YPA) – Member of the Political Bureau and Head of the Political Department of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hindi, said Thursday that “the Israeli occupation state is tense, confused and paralyzed.”

“Its leaders and media lie and exchange accusations. Its army is talking about a bank of targets for the resistance, while it is randomly bombing children in homes and bombing the streets and infrastructure,” Al-Hindi added.

“Palestine Today” news agency quoted Al-Hindi as saying: “The morale of our people is in the sky as they see pictures of their missiles covering the sky of the entire stolen homeland.”

He continued: “We congratulate the patient, steadfast Palestinian people despite the wounds, and tell them that victory is with patience. We defend Al-Quds, the nation’s honor, and the future and security of our people.”

“Some of the occupation leaders are brandishing a ground invasion of Gaza, and this is what the resistance is waiting for,” Al-Hindi said.