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Sanaa: Protests continue demand for full release of oil vessels

SANAA, April 30 (YPA) – Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) has on Friday, organized a protest in front of the United Nations office in Sanaa to demand the release all ships laden with oil derivatives being held by the US-Saudi aggression.

In the protest, the company’s spokesman Issam al-Mutawakil explained that the ship, which was recently released by the coalition forces, belongs to the factories of the private sector, while the coalition forces are still practicing piracy over the public ships, and only one ship has been released since the beginning of the year.

“There are clear attempts by the United Nations and the international community to link the humanitarian side to political and military files,” he said.

“The United Nations and the international community have made only media statements that do not concern the Yemeni people. The Yemen people want serious move to alleviate the human suffering,” he added.

Al-Mutawakil held the Saudi-led coalition and UN responsible for the humanitarian tragedies in Yemen.

He called on the United Nations to act as seriously as it did to demand humanitarian aid that funds flow into its reservoir and the pockets of its staff.

A statement issued by trade union committees of Yemeni Petroleum Companies renewed demand to the United Nations to carry out its responsibilities towards the Yemeni people and out pressure on the  coalition forces to release detained fuel ships.

It also renewed demand for the lifting of the ban on Sanaa International Airport and the Port of Ras Issa.