YEMEN Press Agency

Gunmen kidnap military commander loyal to coalition in Taiz

TAIZ, April 17 (YPA) – The head of operations for Sector Six of the 22nd Brigade, Mustafa al-Mukhshabbi, was kidnapped Friday from downtown Taiz province, southwestern Yemen.

The officer’s son, Mustafa al-Mukhshabbi, said on his Facebook page that his father had been kidnapped from downtown Taiz.

He called on the competent agencies in the province to quickly find his father’s whereabouts and arrest the kidnappers who carried out the crime.

Al-Mukhshabbi served as a security officer at the provincial headquarters in Taiz for a long time, after that he joined the ranks of the coalition and its militants, until he was appointed head of operations  for sector 6 of the 22nd Brigade Mika Taiz.