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Campaign to boycott UAE products due to its normalization with Zionist entity launched

SANAA, April 05 (YPA) – The Emirates Boycott group published a statement calling for a wide  participation in a campaign against normalization with the  Israeli occupation.

This is the second of its kind, to express anger at Abu Dhabi’s position on the Palestinian issue and occupied Jerusalem specifically.


The activists plan to launch the campaign at noon Monday of Mecca time, following the “success” of their first campaign at the end of last year.


“There are serious attempts and efforts in the Arab and Islamic region to recognize the usurped Zionist entity, have normalization ties it and support it with all forms, especially economic support,” the statement said.


The statement added that this is done by “pumping  billions into it, opening the door to investment and tourism with it, and promoting its goods and products between Arabs and Muslims”.