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Deputy FM addresses message to coalition forces at home, abroad

SANAA, March 30 (YPA) – Deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein Al-Ezzi, on Tuesday addressed an important message to the Saudi-led coalition forces at home and abroad, considering their siege of the Yemeni people a cause of war and constitutes an obstacle to understanding.

“The blockade is a cause of war and an obstacle to understanding, and it is not permissible to link it to issues of military and political conflict,” Al-Ezzi said in a tweet on Twitter. “Therefore, it is important to open the ports and airports and not be affected by the mercenaries’ disruptions, because their interest is dirty and they only find it in the suffering of the people and the continuation of the war.”

He added, “You must know that peace this year is better and easier than peace in the coming years.”

In another message addressed to the coalition forces at home, Al-Ezzi said: “As for you mercenaries, we say to you that it is honor for us that we are calling for re-opening the airport and ports to serve the people and alleviate their suffering, and for you it suffices as a shame that you are begging the outside to continue to close the airport, besiege and starve the people.”

“These two positions alone are sufficient for the people and the world to distinguish between true and false legitimacy,” he stressed.