YEMEN Press Agency

National Committee for Women condemns coalition’s massacre in Jawf

SANAA, July 16 (YPA) – The National Committee for Women condemned the horrific crime committed by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression warplanes, on Wednesday, in the village of Al-Masafa, Hazm district of Jawf ptovince, and killed nearly 25 of children, women and many wounded.

The National Committee affirmed in a statement that the war, siege and killing of civilians in Yemen represent the largest scandal in the history of the United Nations without precedent.

The Committee held the United Nations responsible for these crimes and their legal and humanitarian consequences for the cover they give and tolerate the barbaric coalition crimes.

The committee also affirmed that the United Nations, with all its organizations, are major partners in the killing of Yemeni women and women, adding, “Unfortunately, international organizations have revealed their true face in Yemen for their support for this alliance and not to call for the lifting of this unjust siege and an end to the unjust aggression against our country, Yemen.”

The Committee called on the United Nations and all international organizations to assume their responsibilities, get out of the humiliating silence, condemn the crimes committed in Yemen, and demand the prosecution and trial of the perpetrators.