YEMEN Press Agency

Activists reveal catching of rare turtle in Socotra

SOCOTRA, June 10 (YPA) – Activists on the social networking site “Twitter” on Tuesday revealed the poaching of a hundred-year-old turtle on Socotra Island.

The activists published a picture of the turtle, which they said it is more than a hundred years old and has been randomly hunted and transported through military points belonging to the UAE and Saudi occupation forces on the island.

They confirmed that Emirati and Saudi officers on the island encourage citizens to destroy the environment by hunting rare turtles in exchange for giving them an amount of 70,000 Yemeni riyals.

The activists called on the international community and the concerned international organizations, in particular UNESCO, to quickly intervene to protect the environment and biological diversity in Socotra from the tampering practiced by the invaders, which constitutes a violation of all domestic and international laws related to environmental protection.