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Abdulsalam describes outcome of donors’ conference as evidence to “bankruptcy of Riyadh”

SANAA, June 3 (YPA) – The head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam has described the outcome of the donors’ conference for Yemen hosted by Saudi Arabia as a double bankruptcy for Saudi Arabia.

“Yemen’s real support is to stop the war and lift the blockade,” he said.

“With aggression and imposing of blockade, the Saudi-led aggression forces have been morally and politically bankrupt, and the donor conference has been exposed by begging with the cover of Yemen’s support,” Abdulsalam said on his Twitter account.

He addressed the participating donors, saying: “The supposed donors should not have been behind the propaganda of criminals,” Referring to the war crimes committed in Yemen by Saudi-led coalition

“We say to any country that wants to help Yemen: support Yemen by lifting the embargo and working to stop the aggression,” he explained.

Abdulsalam’s new comment is an extension of his previous comment on Monday, on Saudi Arabia’s call for a donor conference for Yemen in Riyadh. He described the conference as “ridiculous attempts to beautify their ugly criminal face”.

“In light of the continued of aggression and siege on Yemen, the resort to organizing a conference for donors is a way to escape from the origin of the problem and a ridiculous attempt to beautify their ugly criminal face, “Abdulsalam said.

He stressed that the Saudi-led coalition should “stop its aggression, lift the siege on Yemen and stop its foolishness.”

He called on the international community to work to stop the unjust aggression and to “not go along with the criminals in their criminality, tyranny and absurdity.”

It is worthy noting that an intensive UN campaign coincided with the Saudi king’s call for a donor conference for Yemen, which is propaganda for the repercussion of the ” humanitarian catastrophe” in Yemen and calls on the international community to “donate to save Yemenis from Corona and famine.