YEMEN Press Agency

Military vehicle ambushed, gas tanker burned in Abyan

ABYAN, April 4 (YPA) – Gunmen believed to be affiliated with the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council on Saturday attacked a military vehicle belonging to a Saudi-funded military brigade in Abyan province, southern Yemen.

Sources reported that unknown gunmen ambushed one of the military cars of the so-called “Al-Amajed Brigade”, which was recently established by Saudi Arabia, on the road linking between al-Ain and al-Khudayrah areas of Laudar district.

The attack resulted in the injuring of the car crew, who were returning to the headquarters of the brigade led by the Salafi leader al-Shajri, in al- Minyasa area, east of the district, the sources added.

On the other hand, a gas-laden trailer was burned on al-Arqoub road in Abyan, after a traffic accident caused the fire.

The accident did not cause any other losses, while the fate of the driver remains unknown, according to the sources.