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Abdusalam comments on army’s largest operation in Saudi lands

SANAA, March 29 (YPA) – Head of the national negotiating delegation Mohammed Abdusalam on Sunday affirmed that there was no choice before the continued aggression except to defend the dignity of the nation.

“It is natural to face the aggression with such painful responses,” he said, commenting on the largest military operation carried out by the Yemeni army  against sensitive targets in Saudi lands Sunday night.

The continuation of the aggression and the blockade means the continuation of response operations, he added.

Abdusalam indicated that the statement issued by Saudi-led coalition after the major operation “is only appropriate for a country that has been attacked and not for a state that has been attacking Yemen for five years.”

The aggression countries launched more than 60 raids on Saturday and 20 raids today, he explained. “If they want to stop operations, the aggression must be stopped and the siege be lifted.”

Head of the national negotiating delegation pointed out that the Yemeni people are on the position of defense in front of an American-led coalition.

He confirmed that the only solution is a clear declaration to stop the aggression. “The Yemeni people want peace from the position of targeting and blockade. It is in our interest to stop the aggression before others.”

Abdusalam concluded his statement by saying: “The UN Secretary-General’s call is welcomed, but the aggression coalition countries have to issue a clear decision to stop the aggression and let the Yemenis decide their fate.”