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Mahmoud Abbas: Al-Quds is not for sale, “Deal of Century” plot will not pass

SANAA, Jan. 29 (YPA) – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the “Deal of the Century” announced by US President Donald Trump, describing the plan as a “conspiracy that will not pass.”
In his speech during the emergency leadership meeting at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah on Tuesday evening, Abbas stressed in response to Trump’s announcement of what is called the “deal of the century”: Al-Quds is not for sale and the “deal of the century” is a conspiracy that will not pass.

He added: All our rights are not for sale and bargaining, and the conspiracy deal will not pass, and our people will take the deal to the dustbin of history as all liquidation and conspiracy projects went to our just cause.

He indicated that he will immediately start taking all measures that require changing the functional role of the national authority, in implementation of the decisions of the central and national councils.

Abbas added, “The Deal of the Century” is based on the Balfour Declaration, which was drafted by Britain and the United States, adding: This deal is the end of the Balfour Declaration.

He added that plans to liquidate the Palestinian issue are doomed to failure.

The Palestinian President stressed that “our strategy is based on our continued struggle to end the Israeli occupation and embody the independence of the state with Eastern Al-Quds as its capital.”

He added: “We heard promising reactions against the Trump plan and we will build on it,” stressing, “We have adhered to international legitimacy, and it is our reference.”

The President stressed adherence to the national principles that were issued by the Palestinian National Council in 1988, and not waiving one of them.

He concluded his speech by saying: “We will fight by all means to obtain our rights, the first of which is the popular movement.”