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6 Iraqi soldiers wounded in car bomb explosion on Saudi border

SANAA, Jan. 16 (YPA) – Two officers and four members of the Iraqi border guards were injured on Thursday morning after a car bomb exploded on the international road to Saudi Arabia.
The Iraqi Security Media Cell reported, in a statement, that a abandoned car exploded on the main road (Al-Nukhib-Arar), wounding two officers and four employees of the border guards.

The (Al-Nukhib-Arar) road lies between the governorates of Karbala, Anbar, central, and western Iraq, all the way to the Saudi border, which is the land route that pilgrims travel to, and the pilgrims go to the house of God.

Last Monday,an officer and three Iraqi border guards were wounded, following an attack by the Takfiri “ISIS” gangs, at a border crossing with Syria.