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Southern activists accuse Islah party of looting relief aid

HADHRAMAUT, Dec. 16 (YPA) – Southern activists in the occupied Hadhramaut provinces accused charities affiliated with the Al-Islah Part of looting relief aid and using it to attract young people and recruit them into the ranks of forces affiliated with Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.

According to these sources, alleged Islah charities, such as the Taiba Development Foundation, loot aid from the King Salman Relief Center and distribute it to the poor in condition that they receive a party membership card.

They added that al-Islah is engaged in a policy of polarization with the coalition’s humanitarian assistance, and in full view of Hadhramout governor General Faraj al-Bahsani.

The sources noted that student housing centers in Wadi Hadhramaut and Shabwah have turned into spots for recruiting southern youth for the party, under the direct supervision of General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.