YEMEN Press Agency

Senior security official survives assassination attempt in Mahrah

MAHRAH, Dec. 14 (YPA) – A security leader in Hadi’s government on Saturday survived an assassination attempt in a traffic accident in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, sources reported.

Sources close to Abyan police chief, loyal to Hadi’s government, Brigadier general Ali al-Dheib Abu Mashal al-Kazmi, confirmed that he survived a traffic accident in the Hawf area.

The sources explained that the traffic accident occurred during the return of Al-Kazmi to the area of Al-Qabdhah.

He and a number of his companions sustained minor injuries, one of the sources said.

Last week, Al-Kazmi issued an order suspending Colonel Mohamed Fadl Munaser, a senior commander in the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council Militias in Abyan province, from any duties in the province.

Al-Kazmi canceled all decisions and appointments issued by Munaser while he was in Cairo for treatment.