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Director of Presidency Office makes announcement of : ” Media army and Media battle controls”

SANAA, Dec. 11 (YPA) – Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Ahmed Hamed in Sanaa, has announced that the media front had been provided with a media army and major caveats and basic guidelines for the media and media workers and journalists.

He stressed that these basic guidelines are enough to defeat the coalition’s media arsenal and strengthen its failure to achieve its goals.

The Qur’an guarantees sufficient media vision to deal with the coalition,” he said, promising major victories.

“Today we are talking about 1,300 media,” Hamid said during the launching of the Media Knights Competition in Sanaa.

“We are in front of an army of media that will enter the battle as we entered from the field to the military battle and we have achieved great and remarkable victories,” he added.

He confirmed the interest of the Supreme Political Council in the competition training program “Knights of the Media” launched by the Ministry of Information on Tuesday in Sanaa with the participation of 1,398 media and media in the fields of presentation, radio preparation, journalism, graphics, editing, photography and directing.

“We are engaged in our media battle in the face of this aggression and we have a large square and a large field that is forty fronts,” he said.

“We have great victories ahead of us and we need to go into our media battle in this big and wide field to highlight our talents, media capabilities and the steadfastness of our great people,” he added.

Media Weapon

Director of the Office of the Presidency stressed the effectiveness of the media weapon.

“The word is a weapon that must be addressed to its correct destination, to the enemies to expose them and to inside to raise their morale and to highlight the steadfastness of our Yemeni people,” he said.

He added: “In the face of this brutal aggression and this unjust blockade, we need a high awareness of our cause.”

Director of the Office of the Presidency further stressed the need for the media to be true and truthful. ” Enemy needs to wear the right falsely because its falsehood is not expended and unacceptable and therefore there needs to be a reincarnation of truth.”

He continued: “Our action with truth and justice will make us the victors, and the enemy has begun to shout at you despite your modest potential. We don’t need to fabricate or spread rumors because we have clear pictures and big victories, and there needs to be high awareness of the fairness of our case and the seriousness of failure to confront the enemy,” he said.

In this context, he pointed out the ear of the picture, and the efforts made by the military media unit in documenting the battles with the coalition. “We consider the camera at this stage more important than the cannon and more important than the tank. There is no point in detonating a tank or ten without a camera documenting and showing it to the whole world,” he said.

He warned of misinformation and disinformation of the Saudi-led aggression coalition media, which uses of all its potential to disseminate. “We must boycott the enemy channels because they are malicious channels that came from enemies, and because God almighty ordered us not to be ‘listening to lies.”

Media Controls

Ahmed Hamed, Director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, has set up three controls for influential media.

“Three Verses of the Qur’an, if adhered to by the media and politicians, will ensure that we and them do not enter into any disqualification.”

He added: “It is supposed to be our base ‘so we can see’, we see before we talk and then we measure whether this word that comes out of our mouth, serves the enemies we must stop immediately.”

In this context, He stressed that the media and media should avoid what serves the coalition.

He said: “Any word that serves the enemies does not correspond to the saying of Allah.

“Falsehood does not come from his hands or from his successor’, which is an incorrect methodology that we must abandon and reject, these are constants.”

Hamed called on journalists to look into the Qur’an, stressing that it included a media approach.

He said: “Do research in the Qur’an that talks about the media vision, how the Prophet was confronting hypocrites and infidels, and how he was keeping silent at certain stages, sometimes he was silent about certain things and overlooked at them.”

“The Holy Quran has changed our media reality,” he said.

He said: “If we adhere to the Qur’anic rules we will be the finest media in the world.  God says about the Qur’an ” Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it.” Falsehood comes from cultures and wrong methods.

Fighting Corruption

In the face of the media corruption, Ahmed Hamed stressed the importance of the role of the media.

He also stressed the need for verification and certainty before publication. He said: “If you find someone who stole a sum or stole one riyal, then we don’t mind, but curse him after you find out.”

He confirmed the seriousness of the political will to fight corruption.

There are people who say that Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi said the corrupt put his back down.  “If you find out that he is a really corrupt, sometimes they put some good people back down because they do not know.

He added: “the aggression comes to make the Yemeni people, bow down on their knees. We are fighting a battle in which we bear burdens and bear the burden of the former and their failure in this country at all times,”.

There have been ministries without regulation since the September 26th revolution,” he said.

Ahmed Hamed confirmed that the actual corruption is practiced by those loyal to the Saudi-led aggression coalition. He said: “Corruption is in the previous entities that have a quantity of assets and have companies and stocks. They have their investments in Turkey, Ethiopia and Egypt?”.

He added: “Whoever gives his blood in battle and sacrifices his soul is the now who will protect your country and raise your level.

Limited Resources

“We are fighting without a budget, the Budget of the Ministry of Culture is less than 800,000 riyals, the Ministry of Tourism is less than 600 million riyals, and the Ministry of Information does not exceed 1.2 million riyals,” said Ahmed Hamed.

He went on to explain the financial circumstances of the political council. “Our potential is modest and the president has the right to take a sum from this fund and give the Ministry of Defense and air and missile forces. They are top priorities.

However, Ahmed Hamed, director of the Office of the Presidency of the Republic, stressed, what Yemen is going through will lead to breakthrough>

He said: “We put our feet on the beginning of the road which is freedom and our people if they have their freedom, own their decision.

” If our country  has its own  decision, it can stand on his feet, extract it’s wealth and face it’s enemies,” he concluded.

Translated by Emad al- Marshahi