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43 people killed in fire at factory in New Delhi

SANAA, Dec. 8 (YPA) – Indian police announced on Sunday that at least 43 people were killed in a huge fire that broke out at a factory in the capital, New Delhi, according to Indian media sources.

The Indian media quoted police as saying that the fire broke out in a factory in Anaj Mandi area, at dawn on Sunday, when more than 50 sleeping workers were in the building.

The police added that the accident killed 43 people, most of them workers, while a number of others were injured, noting that “the causes of the fire are currently unclear, and about 30 units of the fire department were sent to the site, and the situation was controlled.”

Local police reported that the fire spread over an area of ​​55 square meters, and stated that it had subsequently closed the Rani Jansi motorway, located in the area near the factory.

For its part, the fire department said that their units were able to rescue 22 workers who found themselves trapped in the factory during the outbreak of the fire and were taken to hospitals.