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4 people killed in shooting attack near Presidential Palace in Mexico

SANAA, Dec. 8 (YPA) – At least four people were killed, on Saturday evening, in a shooting attack near the National Palace in Mexico.

According to the Mexican Furio TV, the accident occurred near the President’s residence in the center of the Mexican capital, where four people were killed and two others injured.

Local media reported that the shooter entered a building next to the palace, and suddenly he started shooting, killing 4 and wounding 2 others.

The media did not explain the causes and circumstances of the accident, or the motives behind the crime.

Mexico has been plagued by violence over the years, with about 100 people killed every day in the country, which recorded more than 36,000 murders last year.

This is largely due to the proliferation of criminal gangs, who make their money through drugs, kidnappings and extortion.