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For third day in row, teachers go in “all-out strike” in Mahrah

MAHRAH, Dec. 5 (YPA) – Teachers in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, continued their all-out strike for the third day in a row, as Saudi Arabia’s Governor Bakret’s authorities deny their promises to pay their dues, Southern media reported on Wednesday.

Schools in the provincial capital of al-Ghaydah closed their doors to students on Wednesday, two days after the expiry of the teachers’ deadline given to Bakert, after which they promised to spend their benefits weeks in exchange for opening schools and fulfilling their educational mission.

Citizens denounced the silence of the Department of Education in Mahrah towards the demands of  the teachers and the continued closure of schools to their children.

They accused local officials of being  caring only about their personal interests and selling their consciences in exchange for silence over the rampant corruption that the province is subjected  to, the latest face of which is the closure of schools after Saudi-backed authorities refused to pay teachers’dues.

The teachers staged a vigil weeks ago in front of the Ministry of Education’s office, demanding that their financial entitlements be paid and their living conditions improved, threatening to strike.

The Saudi-backed authorities then pledged to respond to teachers’ demands within a month in exchange for the opening of schools and teachers’ carrying their educational duties.