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International organizations condemn coalition’s attacks on civilians in Yemen

SANAA, April 25 (YPA) – Thirteen of international organizations working in Yemen expressed outraged over Saudi-led coalition attacks on civilians in Yemen, according to a statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

“Following more indefensible attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure this week, international nongovernment organizations in Yemen strongly condemn an upsurge in violence across the country that is having a gross and disproportionate impact on civilian safety, infrastructure, and humanitarian space”, the statement read.

They expressed their anger saying “We are aggrieved and outraged by reports of Saudi-led Coalition airstrikes on a wedding in Yemen’s Hajjah governorate on Monday morning that killed at least 22 people and injured more than 60 others, including children, later followed by a hit on a petrol station that killed at least 18”.

“Attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure are unacceptable. We are alarmed by the apparent disregard of all parties to the conflict for the safety of women, men, and children whose civilian status affords them protection from acts of war, the joint statement said.

“Sustained violence, economic decline, the erosion of services and impediments to the delivery of humanitarian aid are driving a staggering scale of humanitarian need across the country,” the statement added.

“we appeal to parties to this conflict and those with influence over them to respect the laws of war and take immediate steps to ensure the protection of civilians,” it said.

The organizations also urged parties to this conflict to cease attacks on civilians and civilian infrastructure and to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to people who need it to survive.

They called on the Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen to investigate and report on all recent violations.

The organization stressed that Yemen needs a political solution, not a military one, and parties to this conflict must take responsibility for finding a way to end this war.

Source: relief web