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National Diabetes Center launches distress call to save 30,000 cases

SANAA, Nov. 19 (YPA) – The National Diabetes Center (NDC) on Tuesday launched a distress call to save 30,000 registered cases of the disease as a result of lack of resources and scarcity of drugs due to the aggression and siege.

The Center’s Director Dr. Zayed Atef called on the International Diabetes Federation to provide emergency doses of insulin for diabetics, especially children.

He explained that the center receives 100 cases of diabetics, and is facing great pressure due to lack of potentials and scarcity of medicines, and that the closure of the Sanaa International Airport has caused the suffering of thousands of patients.

Atif said that the International Diabetes Federation responded and sent emergency doses to Salalah airport in the Sultanate of Oman, but those doses have not arrived in Sanaa yet.

He noted that the Federation asked the center to go to Salalah airport to take the doses and transport them by land, and this can only be achieved through Sanaa airport for the privacy of insulin medicine.

For his part, adviser to the National Center for Diabetes Dr. Adel al-Hadhrami said that “if insulin is not preserved and cooled at a certain temperature, it is damaged, and the patient who takes it, his condition worsens and he may die.”