YEMEN Press Agency

US drone strike kills 2 tribesmen in Yemen’s Shabwa

 SHABWA, April 22 (YPA) – Two armed tribesmen were killed on Sunday in a raid waged by a US drone aircraft in west of Yemen’s southern province of Shabwa, eyewitnesses said.

Unmanned aircraft believed to be American launched an air strike on two gunmen riding a motorcycle in Baihan district, which led to the killing of them, local sources reported.     

The plane was flying at low altitude in the skies of Baihan city before it hit the two men, allegedly belonging to al-Qaeda, in one of the sandy roads in Mafqa area in west of the city, according to the eyewitnesses.

US drones continuously target Yemeni citizens under the pretext of belonging to al-Qaeda in a clear violation of the Yemeni airspace.