YEMEN Press Agency

Corruption Scandal of ISLAH Party in Bayda

BAYDA,  April 22 (YPA) -A source close to the leadership of the Saudi-backed militias revealed a major corruption committed by field commanders in Qania front, where they have spent huge sums of money and heavy military equipment in only three weeks.

The source told Yemen Press Agency (YPA) that Qania fronts are witnessing unprecedented corruption by field commanders, mostly belonging to ISALH Party.

Within 3 weeks, they have spent 1.5 million automatic rounds, 300 thousand Steyr AUG, two thousand Grenades, and 40 Military cars in addition to heavy weapons and missiles.

According to the source, “Three billion riyals have been placed in a bank related to ISALH Party leadership of which 225 million have been disbursed evenly (75 million riyals) for militants belonging to Murad, Al-Awadh, Qiafa, and al-Eidia tribes.”