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Report: Dozens of coalition’s troops killed by military operations over 24 hours

SANAA, April 21 (YPA) – Dozens of Saudi-led coalition troops were killed and wounded when Yemen Army launched military operation, including missile and artillery attacks, over the past 24 hours, according to Ansar Allah Media Center statement obtained by Yemen Press Agency.

  • In Jizan province:

A ballistic missile, Bader-1, was fired toward religion Jizan airport.

Artillery shelling targeted Saudi army’s sites in Malhama and Sawdah.

A military armored vehicle was bombed by a guided missile in newly site.

  • In Asir border province:

A large-scale militias’ advance, including Sudanese, was foiled in front of Alb crossing.

Dozens of militias were killed and wounded during the advance that lasted for hours.

The advance was backed by 17 Saudi-led airstrikes without any progress.

Militias’ gatherings were shelled by artillery during their advance.

  • In Najran province:

Katyusha rockets were fired toward Akifa camp.

  • Taiz province:

The army repelled militias’ infiltration in west Coast, destroying 9 military vehicles, killing and wounding dozens of the militias.

The militias’ infiltration was backed by 19 Saudi-led airstrikes without any progress.

Dozens of militias were killed and wounded in an unique operation carried out on their sites in Air defense.

  • In Jawf province:

An offensive operation was waged on militias’ sites in Safer-Hanaya of Ham area, killing and wounding dozens.

  • In Lahj province:

Dozens of Saudi-backed militias were killed and wounded when the Yemen Army forces cleared Shabakah site and nearby sites in Qubaidha district.


Sameera Hassn