YEMEN Press Agency

Report :Citizen killed in 31 coalition air, ground attack hit several provinces

SANAA, April 18 (YPA) – A citizen was killed and another one wounded on Wednesday in 13 Saudi-led coalition air strikes and ground attack on several provinces, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

In Saada, a citizen was killed another one injured and several citizens’ houses were destroyed in Saudi artillery shelling on various areas of Haydan, Monabah and Razih districts.

Also in Saada , the fighter jets waged eight strikes on districts of Monabah and Baqim, killing a number of livestock.

In Hajjah, the warplanes waged 13 strike on districts of Medi and Harad.

In Taiz, the combat jets launched five air attacks on Mouza district.

In Lahj, the coalition air forces hit Karash area five times.

Ali Ahsan