YEMEN Press Agency

Head of Aden’s transitional council seizes large sea areas

ADEN, April 17 (YPA) – Head of the southern transitional council funded and supported by the UAE occupation state seized large areas in the sea by force and started construing a residential city, local sources in the port city of Aden told Yemen Press Agency.

Aidaros al-Zubaidi, backed by a number of military crews, took over large areas towards the sea next to Aden Mall before two months.

Yemen Press Agency obtained a photo of the residential city, which al-Zubaidi had built in Aden under the UAE directives to distort the area.

Aden, which is under the control of the UAE occupation forces, is witnessing a wide security chaos amid a spread of armed gangs that loot lands belonging to the state and citizens, as well as committing violence acts and assassinations in the city.