YEMEN Press Agency

Report: Saudi-led coalition launches 27 airstrikes on three Yemeni provinces

SANAA, Aug. 20 (YPA) – The Saudi-led invaders and mercenaries have stepped up their violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah governorate, and lunching air strikes and ground attacks on Saada and Jawf provinces, killing and injuring four citizens, including two children, while launching over 27 air strikes on several Yemeni provinces and Asir region over the past 24 hours, according to a report combined by Yemen Press Agency based on a security official’s report.

In Hodeidah, at least two children were injured by shrapnel from a mortar shell fired by the invaders and mercenaries while they were grazing sheep in al-Rubasa area of al-Hawk district

The forces of aggression fired 38 artillery shells on citizens’ property in the south and west parts of Hays district. They also fired five mortar shells on the village of Al-Zafaran in Kilo 16 area in Ad Durayhimi city.

Furthermore, the source explained that the forces of aggression have fired seven Kornet missiles and 19 artillery shells on several part of al-Shajan village in the outskirts of the besieged Ad Durayhimi city, causing significant damage to the citizens’ homes and properties

Several areas of Kilo 16 district were heavily shelled with medium machine guns of invaders and mercenaries who bombed Ad Durayhimi city with seven artillery shells.

In Jawf, a woman was killed in Saudi-led aggression bombardment on al- Al-Faid area of in Matton district.

In Saada, a citizen was seriously injured by Saudi artillery shelling on populated areas of Shada border district, while the Saudi-led aggression warplanes launched two airstrikes on civilians’ farms in Ja’malea area of Majz district and 13 airstrikes on Kutaf district,

In Sanaa, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression waged Six airstrikes on the Atan area of the Capital Secretariat and two airstrikes on Jarban camp in Sanhan district of Sana’a governorate.

In Bayda, according to the official, the aggression warplanes launched two air strikes al-Zahir district and two other air strikes on Raboua’a district of Asir region.