YEMEN Press Agency

Pro-ISLAH Party Commander threatens to use excessive force in Taiz

TAIZ, April.16 (YPA) – A commander loyal to Saudi-led coalition, Adnan Al Hammadi threatened to use excessive force in the province to face UAE’ intervention policy and current challenges in the province.

In a statement, al-Hammadi said that armored brigade (35) is being targeted by dispersing his forces through instigating on social media in order to raise doubts about sacrifices made by armored brigade forces as he described from the very first moments of the war.

The statement comes n the context of campaigns of mutual threats between the armed factions belonging to the coalition on the efforts of the UAE occupation forces to establish a security belt forces in Taiz.

The escalation between the two sides peaked on Friday following mass demonstrations organized by the ISLAH Party to reject the establishment of the security belt forces in Taiz and the appointment of Tariq Afash as its commanderز