YEMEN Press Agency

Iran, Russia sign new military agreement

SANAA, Aug. 5 (YPA) – Iranian armed forces have signed a military agreement with the Russian Defense Ministry to increase military cooperation between the two countries, the commander of the Iranian army’s naval force, Hossein Khanzadi announced on Monday.

“We have reached an agreement on holding exercises for the Russian and Iranian navies in the Indian Ocean region, and we hope to hold these exercises until the end of the year,” Hossein Khanzadi said during a press conference at the opening of the fourth round of Russian military diving competitions 2019 on the shores of Iran’s southern island of Kish.

Khanzadi noted that coordination and planning sessions will begin soon for these exercises, and it is expected that we will conduct these joint Iranian-Russian exercises in the Indian Ocean soon.

“When we talk about exercises in the Caspian Sea, we are talking about an important part of the Indian Ocean, which is the northern part of this ocean, and this part may relate to the Strait of Hormuz, the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea,” he said.

Syria, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, South African countries and China are participating in the diving competition, and there are countries monitoring these competitions, such as Indonesia, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Iranian military navy rocket launchers were sent to Russia last week to participate in these competitions in the Russian Federation.