YEMEN Press Agency

Iranian official hails improved trade between Iran, UAE

GULF, Aug. 3 (YPA) – Chairman of Iran-UAE joint Chamber of Commerce Farshid Farzankan on Saturday said that the trade between the countries had improved over the past months and that Abu Dhabi had relaxed some restrictions in financial and trade dealings with Tehran.

“The UAE authorities seem to have reached the conclusion that Iran can not be isolated from economic dealings in the region and can only be dealt with,” Farshid Farzankan told the Iranian news agency ILNA on Saturday. “The rest of the Gulf countries are seeking to develop their trade relations With Iran away from political factors.”

Farzankan noted that there is a noticeable change in the attitude of Gulf merchants and businessmen to Iran.

“It seems that the Gulf States have realized that Iran, which controls the northern Gulf waters and the Sea of Oman, is the way to connect with Central Asia and the Caucasus, a market where 80 million people can not be ignored,” he added.