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Southern transition council receives painful blow from Bin Daghar’s government

SANAA, April. 13 (YPA) – The return of Bin Daghar’s government loyal to Saudi-led coalition to Yemen’s southern city of Aden provokes anger of the Southern Transition Council (STC).

 The transition council considered the return of the return Bin Daghar’s government to the city as a betrayal of the secessionist efforts, after the Transitional council had announced that the government had left Aden.

Transitional Council put more pressures on the on the occupying powers, but the return of Bin Dagher has made the council seem weaker, and not more than a puppet on the hands of United Arab of Emirates (UAE) occupation forces .

The opposition leaders of the transition council’s reacted to to the return of Bin Dagher have exceeded political motivation and tended to incite popular movements in Aden to expel the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition forces.

According to analysts, the Transitional Council does not have any influence on the ground, especially since the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths announced that United Nations is keen on a unified Yemen after his meeting with the delegation of Council in the United Arab Emirates.

Bin Dagher returned to Aden on Thursday after an absence lasted for two months, following the military operation carried out by the UAE-backed forces that overthrow Hadi’s brigades and his government on January 28, 2018.