YEMEN Press Agency

UN, ICRC propose implementing initial prisoners swap

SANAA, July 16 (YPA) – Head of the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs AbdulQader al-Mortada on Tuesday said the UN Envoy Office and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) put forward a proposal for an initial swap of prisoners as a first phase.

“The United Nations gave the two parties a week to respond to the proposal, which will end today,” al-Mortada added in a statement on his Facebook page.

Al-Mortada confirmed that the Committee submitted its reply to the proposal two days ago to the United Nations and ICRC.

“We are still waiting for the other party’s reply, which is likely to come today if there is seriousness and positive interaction with the file from their side,” al-Mortada said, adding that the content of the UN proposal and the two parties’ replies to it would be made clear in a timely manner.