YEMEN Press Agency

 Political Security director assaults wounded in Taiz

TAIZ, April 10 (YPA) – Politic Security director, appointed from the outgoing President Hadi , Abdul Wahid Sarhan, assaulted on Sunday the wounded  during the organization of a sit-in in front of the gate building of Taiz province, an official told Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.

The official said at least 15.000 were wounded in Taiz who fought in the coalition, during military clashes  in more than one area or because of airstrikes of  the coalition flight which target  innocent civilians in Taiz, as well as in Saada and all Yemeni territories.

The official confirmed that Sarhan  withdrew the wounded protesters at the gate province building  in bad ways and muffled their voices so as not to reflect their human rights demands, which were completely ignored after they became useless people.

Thousands of wounded in Taiz complain of the coalition’s neglect, as well as humiliating treatment by their field commanders who threw them in the suffering, pain and reprimand.


Sameera Hassn