YEMEN Press Agency

Hadi’s gov’t grants Yemeni nationality to 30,000 Saudi Bidoons

SANAA, April 8 (YPA) – Under pressure of Riyadh princes, the government of the Yemeni resigned president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government granted Yemeni nationality to more than 30 thousand of Saudi Bidoons (stateless Arabs).

According to officials in Hadi’s government, Riyadh-based foreign ministry, which is represented by Abdul Malik al-Makhlafi, handed over more than 30 thousand Yemeni passports to the displaced Bidoon tribes in Saudi Arabia, and that they became after this step Yemeni nationals, whether they left the Kingdom or stayed in it.

Diplomatic sources in foreign ministry of Hadi’s government expressed concern that Saudi Arabia would bear down the remaining 40,000 Bidoons on Yemen to give them Yemeni passports and that the kingdom would continue to export its internal problems to Yemen.

The move came after the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) announced that the number of Bidoons in Saudi Arabia exceeded 70,000, Which prompted Riyadh authorities to pressure Hadi’s government to grant them Yemeni nationality to reduce the burden on them.

The Bidoons is a problem for most of the Gulf countries, and the UAE has already tried to get rid of it on its territory by buying passports from the Comoros.