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Head of Yemen’s negotiating delegation condemns UAE mercenaries’crime against worshipers in Dhalea

SANAA, June 7 (YPA) – The head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohamed Abdel Salam, condemned the crime of UAE mercenaries against worshipers in one of the mosques in Al-Azraq district of Dhalea province on Friday.

“A heinous treachery committed by UAE mercenaries by attacking worshipers during Friday prayers at a mosque in Al-Azraq district, which resulted in killing of six worshipers and the kidnapping of four others,” Abdel Salam said in a tweet.

The head of the national delegation pointed out that this crime highlights the dirtiest wars waged by states that constitute a focal point of organized international crime.

During Friday prayers, UAE mercenaries attacked citizens in a mosque in Al-Azraq district, killing six citizens and taking four others to an unknown destination.