YEMEN Press Agency

Oil staff continue sit-in in front of UN Office to demand release of oil ships

SANAA, May 16 (YPA) – Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) employees and trade union committees on Wednesday continued their sit-in sit for the 41st day in front of the United Nations Office in the capital Sanaa to demand the release of oil vessels held by Saudi-led aggression coalition.

A statement, issued during a vigil carried out by the participants, confirmed the continuation of the sit-ins and protests until the release of the oil ships.

The participants denounced the silence of the United Nations and not-response to their rightful demands, calling the organization to pressure the aggression coalition to facilitate the arrival of the oil ships quickly to the port of Hodeidah and place a mechanism to ensure that oil vessels will not be held in the future.

“The holding of oil vessels has catastrophically affected the life of Yemeni people and created a crisis of oil derivatives in provinces of the country,” said Ameen al-Shabati, spokesman of the company.

Al-Shabati held the aggression countries and Aden’s committee responsible for consequences of holding the oil ships.