YEMEN Press Agency

An ignominious end to Saudi-led coalition militias, Daesh in Bayda

BAYDA, April.4 (YPA)- The Yemeni army managed to clear and liberate several areas of Qaniyah district in Marib province in a failed bid by Saudi-led coalition fighters and elements of Daesh and Qaeda terrorists groups to open a front aimed at cutting supplies and paralyzing the movement of passengers to and from Yemen’s central province of Bayda, a military official told Yemen Press Agency.

The official added that the Yemeni army forces were able to impose besiege on Saudi-led coalition militants in Hawran area of Al-‘er mountains in Mahleih area, south of Qaniyah district.

Moreover, the army controlled Massoud ,Hadeh Mountains and Al-Afeer border crossing, the mercenaries were seen fleeing the areas , the official said.
The military official confirmed that Dozens of ISIL and al-Qaeda militants were killed and wounded during violent confrontations with Yemeni army forces on Wednesday.

Citizens of Qaniyah district welcomed the arrival of the Yemeni army to secure the general road and the region from al-Qaeda militants attacks, who sought to inflame the situation and block the road and prevent the entry of aid and goods to the province of Bayda.