YEMEN Press Agency

Deputy FM discloses Saudi-led coalition’s schemes to eliminate its militants

SANAA, March 16 (YPA) – Deputy Foreign Minister in the National Salvation government, Hussein al-Izzi, has disclosed of a plane at the current stage to wind up the coalition’s militants in two ways”. He said that they could survive only by fast escape.”

“I advise all the young people who are deceived quickly to leave the mercenary camps, because the plan for the current phase is to work on their elimination in two different ways,” Hussein al-Izzi wrote on his official social media platform at midnight on Friday.

Referring to the friendly-fire bombing of a militant camp in Jawf province by the Saudi-led coalition’s warplanes that left heavy casualties in their ranks, the Deputy Foreign Minister said that methods of the invaders’ liquidation will be “first by friendly fire and by sending them in losing battles with the Yemeni army and Popular Committees.”

Al-Izzi advised the militants of the coalition, saying: “in either case, no one will ever survive except those who will flee, and the sooner the better.”

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates had launched an air raid on Thursday on the so-called “First Brigade of Border Guards” in al-Jawf province, killing 30 of their own militants and wounding over 15 others.