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Iran vows to respond to terrorist attack in Zahedan

SANAA, Feb. 14 (YPA) – Iran has vowed to respond to the terrorist attack in Zahedan, in which a number of members of the Revolutionary Guard were killed and wounded.

 In a statement issued by the Revolutionary Guard, it said that the crime will not go unanswered, pointing fingers at international forces seeking to destabilize security and stability in the country.

 According to the statement, the attack was caused by a car bomb explosion near a bus carrying troops returning from the border security mission of the Jerusalem headquarters of the Guards ‘ ground forces.

 The statement added that Takfirist terrorists and mercenaries of the intelligence services of the regime of hegemonism and domination are behind the bombing.

 Brigadier General Ali Fadavi, assistant commander of the Revolutionary Guard, said this crime indicates the failure of the criminals and their supporters to influence the people’s Union with its revolution and vowed to react to the enemies is a very firm response.