YEMEN Press Agency

Oil cartels seized in Yemen’s Shabwah

SHABWAH, Feb. 12 (YPA) –  Militants loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in occupied Shabwah Province have arrested a gang led by influential people in the Ma’rib refinery, who were smuggling oil derivatives in order to sell it in al-Dhalea province and the Rabat area in occupied city of Aden.

According to southern media sources, militants loyal to the UAE occupation at the Al Jalfoz points in the city of Ataq province, seized eight tankers loaded with the smuggled oil derivatives from the Ma’rib refineries, that are under the control of Islah party militias, carrying an estimated 451,000 liters.

The sources indicated that in the Ma’rib refinery, two influential people are manipulating the oil derivatives produced by the refinery, filling the tankers with oil at night, and then colouring the gasoline to change it from white to red, and falsifying permits.

Ma’rib refineries have refused to supply the neighboring provinces, including Shabwah province, on the pretext that the quantities produced to cover the provinces can’t be met.

During a television interview last month, the leader of the UAE-backed Shabwan Elite accused the leaders of the Islah party of stealing oil and selling it for the financing of terrorist groups.

UAE-backed militias and Saudi-backed Wahhabi groups have been at one other’s throats ever since the invading forces took control of most of southern Yemen